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CRoss + fOOD + palEO = Croodeo Cross træning og rigtig mad til at maksimere dine resultater mens det passer ind - Power - sundhed og overskud til Din hverdag. 
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Vi giver dig simpel (meget effektivt) træning

Vi skaber en stærkere og sundere version af dig selv, ved at gøre både damer og herre til atleter, der kan klare alle de udfordringere hverdagen bringen.

Give your lifestyle a kick

Complete simple workouts programs delivered through video and works easily on all devices.

Get strong for your life

You do not need to train every day. 3-4 times a week Is enough to get up strength and health working for you  in your everyday life

save time

Croodeo scheduled workout makes it impossible to workout longer than one hour.

"Min krop har ændret sig meget. Den er blevet mere tonet og udover jeg har smidt mine 17 kg fra graviditeten er jeg også gået en tøjstørrelse ned fra før graviditet!"

Dina Hedegaard Rosenberg

Get strong!!!

What is functional strength? Functional strength is the ability to Load your joints (shoulders, hips, knees and ankles) through a full range of motion without pain, stiffness, or limitation. What is the goal of functional strength? You should be able to use your joints in a full range of full and pain-free movement. How this works this in a world each we sit down more into something else where we no longer pushes the primitive machinery and heavy things around. In an everyday environment where we are stuck in a "box" with the same movements over and over again. We are no longer spontaneously stimulated by our environment as we once were. More and more people replace dagligs today's movements with "work" (in front of computers and writing brord, talk on the phone and driving by car) or "free time" (watch TV or play computer), we have to find ways to change our everyday environment to keep our pushing, pulling and lifting movements active. "

Looking for something new!!!

Like a Sandbag 

"A solid training tool for the military, martial arts and strong man training. Is sandbag often seen as a tool for elite performance reserved for male athletes. A sandbag is not just for boys, women should also consider sandbag training to improve cardio, strength, endurance and flexibility. "

progressive training !!!

"Sandbags provide progressive overload. The key to getting results with your workout is progressive overload (consistently increased resistance in your workout). Sandbags facillitate this very easily. All you have to do is add more sand at the moment the exercise becomes easy; You can even increase and remove weight from your sandbag during your workout if you fill it with individually wrapped bags. "



Der kommer ikke mange mails men dem der kommer har jeg tænkt over og mit mål er de skal hjælpe din hverdag.