011: Why You Shouldn't Follow a Diet Plan 100%

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2018


In this episode Kenneth is explaining all about the new diet plans and why people should not follow them.

There are many diet diet plans nowadays followed by people such as Intermittent Fasting, Paleo, Raw eating, LCHF, Keto Diet or based on the Glycemic Index - but they all make the error of assuming that the best or only way to achieve your health goal is to limit your food choices in some way or another.

Some diet plans make the limitations on what you can eat and what you cannot eat. Other plans put the limitation on when you can have your next meal or after how long. Some plans use a number of rules that limit your diet with mix and match. 

Overeating is the main issue that we see every day, but then again the limitation isn’t always the right approach and we should not follow the diet plans all the time 100%. Kenneth explained the dietary restriction and what can it do to your health. Also, what you can do to reach your health goals without any limitations on your diet or the amount of meals you take.

The things you will learn in this episode:

  • Do not restrict yourself from all the healthy natural foods which are full of nutrients and do not restrict yourself to one diet for a long time
  • Why 75% of your plate should be vegetables and what benefit it can do to your health
  • Try eating all the seasonal vegetables as this is the natural way of eating since the mankind has ever known!
  • Why dietary plans which puts a limit to everything you eat, aren't good for your social and family life. 

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