012: Get Fiber in Your Diet

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2018


In this episode Kenneth is explaining about having fibers in your diet. What kind of soluble and insoluble fibers are good for your health.

One of the drawback in western diet is huge decrease in dietary fibers as in percentage of carbohydrates. These days carbohydrates are super refined so we don't get that nutrition. The shift from fiber to non-fiber foods are not a great thing.

Huge increase in Type 2 diabetes and obesity is the reflection of huge decrease in carbohydrate and increase of fats.

Fibers are fantastic starches and sugars. It's just a digestive enzyme that breaks into your body and helps you digest the food so your entire body work better.

Fiber aids to make your body function work better. It aids in the process of stole. It feeds your probiotics that live in our gut.

Fiber helps in regulate your blood sugar levels and produce insulin which keeps you satiated for longer. Listen here to know about soluble and insoluble fibers and what role does soluble and insoluble fiber play in the cardiovascular diseases.

The tricks and tips to have some fiber in your diet:

  • eat vegetables, and you can even do it in your breakfast without even cooking the veges all the time
  • try to increase your serving size of veges
  • try to have salad in different forms with every meal
  • try to add veges to your every meal

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