013: Chasing Excellence Book by Ben Bergerron

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2018


In this episode Kenneth is talking about a mindset based on a book 'Chasing Excellence' by Ben Bergerron.

Kenneth really loves this book because it's more then a fitness book. This review is for people who want some really good books in their lives and whose lives are also affected by reading certain books. 

Ben works with some fantastic athletes. Even though if you're not into cross-fit this is a really good book to see different views on your workout, healthy lifestyle and overall life goals.

The book has a classical nutritional pyramid. Ben has a good explanation of how you can build this up. It also has a cross-fit pyramid. 

Kenneth explains all parts of the pyramid starting from below and going towards the top. Listen here to know more about this nutritional pyramid.

The things you will learn in this podcast:

  • What you can achieve as a person by reading this book
  • The process of exercising and healthy diet, how you can enjoy it and how it can benefit you in daily life
  • Ability to strengthen conditions and practice while you enjoy it. How to strategize the process

Kenneth describes the chapters in the book 

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