014: Basic Health and Diet Principles

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2018

In this episode Kenneth is talking about the basic principles of health and diet.

The primary thing is your diet, it's basically what you need to focus on. Paleo diet is also a good diet but you don't have to follow certain diet. What you have to do is to see what diet is best suitable for you. Mix up your food and fruits with your diet plan.

Plant based diet mixed with little fruits:
Focus on a plant based diet. At least 50% should be vegetables, preferably green veges so that you get all the nutrients. Fruits are also a big part especially you're an athlete.

Proteins and healthy fats:
50% to 75% your plate should be plant based, and then it should also be protein. So add little quality protein, only around 15% of your diet should be healthy source of protein and natural fats. Do not ever choose non-fat meat. Get Omega 3 from the free range meats. Use healthy fats in your diet.

The healthiest diet is mix of greens, fruits, protein and healthy fats

Sleep is hugely important. It's building stone for everything in your body. Nothing will work if you don't get enough sleep. Getting to bed and getting out of bed same time every day is hugely important! At least one hour before bed time turn off all electronic devices. Blue light from all these devices works the same way as sunlight. It tricks your body to think that it's day time instead of night.

Try to getup and move more. Using your phone to track your daily steps. At least 10,000 steps every day. General movement can be playing with kids, taking a walk or taking your dogs outside. Once a day, daily for 2 to 3 weeks of walk will make a huge difference of energy in your body. Also lift little weights.

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