How to get to a Perfect Push Up

Push-ups are the pursuit of the universe. They will impress as a strength test in school and the military, as punishment in school and the people on the beach.

In my studio, I use the upper body and torso strength to evaluate muscular imbalances and the ability to move the body as a unit. Unfortunately, most people I see have never learned how to push right up, and a large percentage can not do a full push-up.

When I ask to see a push-up, people have a tendency to laugh at me or to stare at me as I only asked them to touch benches my car. "Can I 'girls' push-ups?" They ask and look at me hopefully.

Do not worry - not everything is lost. There are many ways to get your first full push-up or the push-ups you already have to improve. Tipene below should help you get on your way.

Master the correct angle position

The biggest mistake I see in push-ups are people elbows just stick to the sides. If you do it this way, you are not alone. Michelle Obama's great Ellen pushups were done just that. And I will not lie - it made me feel a little sad.

Consider it this way: If you had pressed, a fridge says on the floor, would you flatten it with your elbows like a sour chicken? Chances are you would not. The way the human body pushes naturally is with the elbow at a 45-degree angle from the ribs. If you are an albueflukker, this solution will significantly change the way you feel to your push-ups.


De-droopy your torso

A slacking torso in a push-up also makes me sad. So, for my pleasure, they become sunny. A push-up is essentially a moving plank. That is why their but hinders are fully involved. A real trick to find a stable core position is this:


1. Directly on the lower ribs tom elfin erne.

2. Place your fingers between directly on your hip bone.

3. Now, without bending the upper body forward, try to bring ribs and hips closer together (between the fingers and thumbs). Mostly, weave out in the lower part of the curve. You should feel your abs flex. If you can not figure out how to make this work, try to squeeze your butt. It usually strengthens your pelvis in this position.


Keep a firm core position through the ribs and hip bones to bring each other closer to create a tighter plank.

Put everything together

In addition to the above elements have a good push-up need to keep head neutral (not tilting your chin up or down - it's more important than you might think) and the legs are locked and together. Your hands should be just below the shoulders. (Many other hands and foot positions are entirely legitimate, but we have it only with the basics now.) We come to more advanced things later).

"A push-up is essentially a moving plank. That is why their Bukhari is fully involved. "

Something I like to do my push-ups is to turn my hands to the ground. You may want to show your middle finger to twelve in your push-ups every time. With your hands in this position, without moving them, turn your arms away from your body. This includes the altissimo, so they can help your push-ups, a little more and will contribute to ensuring the elbow in the right position.

What happens if I can not do a complete cleanup?

Good that you asked! There are many ways you can build your strength. The first thing to do is to figure out how to handle it.

Its effect is the point where you can no longer lower yourself (or press up) with good shape. Once you know that, take one (or more) of the following methods to enable push-up.

Do top-down work

Lower slowly and under control to your cracking point from the top plank position of the push-up. Once you are there, try to hold the position with the excellent shape for 3-5 seconds. As you become stronger, you simply start a hair under the point of lowering and lifting and then over the point of a hair.

Make the bottom up

Put on the floor on the belly with hands and feet in push-up position. Try to push yourself in a massive piece upwards to raise your bond point and move and lower sequence. If you can not press down on the ground, and then push into the ground as hard as possible, as if you should do it. Hold this isometrically for 3-5 seconds. You just have another exit point.

Raise your push

Get push up I will help you here in the facebook group.

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