Run rigth or dont run at all

Running is a primary function that every human should be capable of performing accurately. But most people don’t.

Running quantity has to be better then time spend running

It’s time to stop running just get in the miles or to say I am a runner.

Maybe you can do a marathon in 6 hours, but that dos not mean that it is a good idea

Speed Over Distance

The basic running technique has to be established before work can begin on speed and inefficiencies.
land on the mid-to-forefoot, hands at around 90 degrees with the light swing

Every human should be able to run 1 km på under 6 minutes with proper form

I don’t have THE reasoning to describe exactly why certain programming is so effective.

To run stronger and faster, get control of this point

Unable to Open Up Your Running Stride

Two possible issues if you can’t open up your stride: mobility, or the landing and going to over to the next step.

Is mobility okay, look at the landing and carry over when you run.

Cadence is Too Slow

Efficient running occurs at 180 steps per minute.
But cadence is often 140 to 160 steps per minute.
Too much time on your landing, unnecessary height to each foot

Spending too much time on your landing creates immense pressure on the joints.
Barefoot running on grass or sand - kicking the heels to the butt quickly. Landing too fare out

Lack of Muscle Strength and Endurance

You need a strong posterior chain and core to engaged throughout the stride.

Become more powerful runner with calf raises, lunges, and sandbag hip thrusts. Explosive exercises box jumps or jumping lunges.

Use strongman training the have stronger hips, and it is fun

Adding Speed and Mileage

Working on sprints will increase your VO2 max, conditioning, explosiveness, mental fortitude, and lean body mass.

Drop junk miles

improve technique and speed before at your add mileage.

Run Right, or Don't Run

Want to be healthy even when you gets old, then learn how run the right way or you’re far better off walking.

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