Are ready for eating more fat to lose exces body fat

Jul 04, 2017

As Primal/keto, I don’t eat every few hours (like I HAD to before) and I do not like the hungry I felt all the time and looking for my next healthy meal fix. I focus on eating natural, healthy fats so I feel satisfied longer and my energy is ready for work and play time throughout the day. I will show you how to make a healthy change in your eating and lose the excess body fat. Eat good healthy fats! Then no longer must eat every two-three hours or feel hungry all the time.

A diet structured around healthy fats and low in carbohydrates and without sugars can help you avoid junk foods and bad snacks. Healthy and natural fats improve your satiety and stop food cravings because!!

When you eat a carbohydrates and sugars based diet, your body has an insulin response ( I will talk more about insulin, weight loss and health on Thursday keep a look out) and stores excess energy in your fat cells for times of hunger. This Storing can make you feel slow and tired and crave for more...

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Ramp up your strength

Jul 02, 2017

If you are like me you're a big fan of strength training, you will already be know the benefits of lifting on regular benefits; improvement in bone density, improved metabolic by an increase in lean body mass and a reduced risk of hypertension and cardiovascular disease is well known medical benefits. But that's not all - there's also a lot of subjective gains, as the great vitality feeling you have when you feel healthy, reducing the risk of injuries that have tendons and strong ligaments, better posture (if you train correctly) a reduction in stress and anxiety to channel this energy into your sessions and, of course, improved self-confidence and self-esteem that comes with achieving a more muscular physique. You can get to a point where ... training strength becomes routine and a bit 'boring, and in some cases you may hit a plateau. If this happens to you, it's time to add some more advanced techniques to your regimen and shake up. You can get to a point, though, where the...

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Meal Planning makes a big difference

Jun 30, 2017

Meal prep makes a big difference when it comes to sticking a healthy lifestyle 80 of a weight loss is in the diet. It’s easy to cook and pack convenience food, so you are ready when the small and the big ones are hungry, and nothing is available then hell breaks loss, or you go for the BAD stuff, but a little planning can prevent this and help you mute and energy! If you have kids, you can make the Sunday meal prep an event that everybody loves, that will help them get passionate about the healthy foods an lifestyle, you are making and be more ready to try them and the new things. DM me, and I will send you recipe for the burger in a pan recipe

Six suggestions to guide you to a better meal prep

1. Have A structure

What kind of foods do you like and have much time do you cook during the week. Here an start structure

1-2 stir fry
2 salad
1 slow cooker or soup meal ( mostly in the winter)
One fish/seafood meal
One recipe a from around the world
Four prepare meals for easy dinner and...

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“Fat-adapted” or the “Keto-adapted”

Jun 29, 2017

“Fat-adapted” or the “Keto-adapted” is a great foundation for energy and weight loss. The right term is Nutritional Ketosis aka keto and is not be mistaken for Starvation Ketosis or Ketoacidosis. Via keto, the human body begins a profound approaching to burning “fat as fuel” externally catabolizing muscle protein for glucose this is the case for Starvation Ketosis (athletes truly gains lean body mass!).” The “Keto/fat-adapted” is the foundation of burning fat the COOL way. The proper term is Nutritional Ketosis but ins you are a turned to the fat side you are burning more fat. Via keto, the body creates a great shift toward burning “fat as fuel” without catabolizing your proteins in the body.

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Chocolate cookie primal keto style

Jun 27, 2017

These cookies are for everyone who likes to have a crispy treat with their coffee. They are quick, easy to make and GREAT. One cookie contains about 25% of your daily magnesium requirement.

I hope you enjoy my quick video recipes!
Working time 10 minutes Overall 25 minutes

Macronutrient ratio: Calories from carbs (8%), protein (15%), fat (77%)

Ingredients (makes 12 cookies)

* 2 Dl almond butter or any nut or seed butter or 3 dl almonds
* 3 tbsp tahin
*1 tbsp coconut olie
* 2 large eggs
* 1 big tbsp unsweetened cacao powder (58 g/ 2 oz)
* 2 tbsp powdered Erythritol (50 g)
* ¼ tsp salt
* 1/2 dl chocolate 80%+

1. Preheat the oven to 175 C. Place the almond butter, eggs, unsweetened cacao powder, ...
2. ... powdered Erythritol, and salt into a food processor. You can also use your hands or a spatula to mix the dough.
3. Process until well combined. Add chocolate for 4-5 blitz just to mix
4. Using your hands, create 12 equal cookie dough balls. Place them on a baking sheet...

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Low carb living is not a license to live on bacon.

Jun 25, 2017

Bacon is fantastic. It is a very nice source of fat and salt and a lot of great things. Atkins and low carb is controversial, attention-grabbing words.

It is bacon, butter, and fat, but is it bad? No, it's not bad. I am on a low carb living, and I'm a big fan of low carb. I think it's sensible to move all these processed carbohydrate out of our diet, and I am 100% sure that this will help with weight loss and health benefits. All these fluctuations in insulin from eating all these processed carbs is not good for your overall health or your weight loss or your training or whatever you want to achieve.
However, this does not mean that a steady diet of sodium stuffed sausage and a lot of deli meats is sustainable and the right path for your health.
What I eat in a day is called low carb, and it is only eating what humans can find and eat, and with some tweaks, with the days we live in, the life we live in right now, we can get some very, very good things.
I focus on fibers from green...

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Do you know how to hydrate properly?

Jun 24, 2017

It looks like you need to be so clean: drink water, go about your day, and we are done. If it only has that easy. In reality, there are numerous (often contradictory) reviews out there approximately what we have to be drinking, and what sort of, and whilst, in particular for the athletes among us. I have written approximately hydration before, and kept updated with breaking research in latest years. As you might remember, you basically need, “obey your thirst like Grok did” and left it at that. So let’s dig a bit deeper, particularly for those folks who're active and athletic.

Hydration is a crucial factor of surest fitness. It's far vital for digestion, muscle contraction, move, thermoregulation, and neurologic functioning, amongst others. My seemingly flippant “obey your thirst” message clearly has appropriate scientific support. Your frame has a built in, nicely-regulated thirst mechanism to be able to inform you in case you need to drink extra...

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Exercise Motivation That in your life

Jun 21, 2017

There is plenty of advice on exercise, circulating out there. Everyone knows that they need to be active, but most of us are not (well, all but you, dear reader - right?).
The big problem is motivation.

Let us take a look:
- We simply need to. We know we need it.

- Once we get out there, we usually like it (or at least, it’s not an entirely miserable experience).

- We should continually feel better afterward.

- We sleep soundly this night.

- We feel very confident and light-hearted for the rest of the day.

- Next morning after a workout we love the good soreness. And yet ... we refuse to train regularly.

Somethings that are officially easier than forming an exercise habit:

- House training a puppy.

- Spend the weekend with your patients. Alene. In a conference hotel.

- change a flat tire in your best dress.

- Getting an even spread of cold butter on bread.

- To get a real person when you call the customer service with waiting for an hour.

If you do not train, you aren’t...

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