Low carb / ketogenic snacks and small meals

Jun 08, 2017

Small meal and snacks one a low carb diet get recipes her 

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You should use strongman training

Jun 07, 2017

* Functional, usable strength – Strongman training will work wonders for your functional strength.
* Grip Strength – Who doesn’t want to impress someone with their jar-opening skills? But more seriously, improving your grip strength can help with holding onto the bar longer whether you are doing cleans, kettlebell swings or pull-ups.
* Stronger Max Lifts – Yes, lifting the weird awkward stuff does make lifting traditional weights easier. The main reason is because in barbell training it is best to keep the bar close to your body for increased power and strength.
* Increased Variety – Strongman training is just a fun tool to throw into your training toolbox.
* Bodybuilding-like benefits – Oh, and it turns out strongman lifting can make you bigger, don’t worry ladies, your bodies operate in a different way…

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4 motivation tricks to keep you on track

Jun 05, 2017

  • achieve Strength base
  • Training consistency and motivation are right why on the health, strength, and power
  • No Excuses: Tear Down Those Mental Walls
  • Guys like Hunter Mactire Work hard
  • You’re Tougher Than You Think
  • Make Up Your Mind to Go the get it dine
  • Thinking About Quitting? Think Again
  • Some rational principles which will help you get started and keep on training and racing:
  • Don’t get in the “all or nothing” mindset.

Don’t be hard on yourself.

You’re not lazy; you’re just starting from zero.

Set the Bar Low and Start Small.

Whatever You Do, Make It Fun.




STRATEGY 4. Change Things Up to Make It Fun

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5 Strategeies for ocr training you need in our training plan

Jun 04, 2017

1. Improve your strength.

Full body - grip - leg power and speed

2. Work on your running.
Sprint - Hils work
3. Implement High-Intensity Training (HIT) or High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) into your exercise routine.
4. Use sport specific Strength training.
* Picking up heavy objects and carrying them either in front or sometimes on your shoulders
* Pulling sleds
* Scaling walls
* Swinging and climbing along monkey bars
* Rope climbing
* Crawling in mud
5. Learn how to recover properly.

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Can you Run on FAT

May 31, 2017

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Butter, CLA, coconut or much other fat Can not be anabolic?

Why is important fat?

Firstly, it is important to unmask the notion that all badly exposes fat mind. Yes, there are some who die A special place in hell (e.g., trans fat), but it is unfair, for themselves with saturated fats, wrongly blamed as a causative heart only on the degree along with unjust witch hunts Only a few years

Luckily, many medical professionals saw the light, and now good fats have a party place in our diet. They are ESPECIALLY important for the regulation of male hormonal levels and sexual health.

Also why exactly is important for our special muscle building potential?

1. Fat mind oil

This sounds like that was taught to us for years, but the fact is that the fat war (and should) be our preferred energy source. Back in the day (we mean back, as thousands of YEARS REALLY) Our prehistoric ancestors lived On a practically fat-based metabolism Because they lacked the...

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