Styrke til din core du kan passe ind i alle dine træningere

Jun 24, 2019


Styrke til din core + skulder du kan passe ind i alle dine træningere FÅ 10 SANDBAG ØVERLSER OG LÆR AT LAVE DIN GEN HER

Slået op af Croodeo i Mandag den 24. juni 2019


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Run rigth or dont run at all

May 29, 2017

Running is a primary function that every human should be capable of performing accurately. But most people don’t.

Running quantity has to be better then time spend running

It’s time to stop running just get in the miles or to say I am a runner.

Maybe you can do a marathon in 6 hours, but that dos not mean that it is a good idea

Speed Over Distance

The basic running technique has to be established before work can begin on speed and inefficiencies.
land on the mid-to-forefoot, hands at around 90 degrees with the light swing

Every human should be able to run 1 km på under 6 minutes with proper form

I don’t have THE reasoning to describe exactly why certain programming is so effective.

To run stronger and faster, get control of this point

Unable to Open Up Your Running Stride

Two possible issues if you can’t open up your stride: mobility, or the landing and going to over to the next step.

Is mobility okay, look at the landing and carry over...

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How to get to a Perfect Push Up

May 26, 2017

Push-ups are the pursuit of the universe. They will impress as a strength test in school and the military, as punishment in school and the people on the beach.

In my studio, I use the upper body and torso strength to evaluate muscular imbalances and the ability to move the body as a unit. Unfortunately, most people I see have never learned how to push right up, and a large percentage can not do a full push-up.

When I ask to see a push-up, people have a tendency to laugh at me or to stare at me as I only asked them to touch benches my car. "Can I 'girls' push-ups?" They ask and look at me hopefully.

Do not worry - not everything is lost. There are many ways to get your first full push-up or the push-ups you already have to improve. Tipene below should help you get on your way.

Master the correct angle position

The biggest mistake I see in push-ups are people elbows just stick to the sides. If you do it this way, you are not alone. Michelle Obama's great Ellen pushups were done just...

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3 Sandbag Exercises Need in your OCR training bag

May 26, 2017

I am certainly a great believer of sandbag training as a tool or heavily emphasized form of training, I am also a naturalist in that others may want to use sandbag training as a means to improve training they are already doing. Among the great benefit to adding some sandbag training to your strongman, HIIT, or kettlebell workouts, or whatever you are focusing upon in your OCR training.

Of course, it is more than just throwing a sandbag into your routine and assuming magic will happen. Just like any extra strength training, there has to be an intention and a goal. With these three exercises will have the biggest impact on our sandbag training. The tools from our Dynamic Variable Resistance in your Training program.

Bear Hug Squat

Sandbag exercise looks so simple that many simply underestimate its powers to have huge impact in a variation of means. Most coaches and trainers are startled that when using fitting loading, that this can be such an excellent strengthening exercise for the...

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Five Reasons OCR Athle Should Do weigthed Squats

May 25, 2017

The squat is my favorited exercise and for my client and the overall public. Everyone should be doing some form of squats because they work the whole body, and studies show squatting to increase lower body strength can produce some fantastic benefits.

1) Do Squats to get Faster between obstacles

Running speed is influenced by being able to apply extra force to the ground, and the quickest way to increase
this is to increase lower body strength.

Not only will load front and back squats train the quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves to provide more ground reaction power, but they will improve strength in the entire core musculature. This will allow athletes to combine their increased speed into OCR movements.

Recent studies prove that squats improve speed. For example, a study conducted on elite rugby players pointed that an increase in maximal squat strength during an 8-week pre-season training program made the players significantly quicker at short sprints. The players completed...

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