3 Sandbag Exercises Need in your OCR training bag

May 26, 2017

I am certainly a great believer of sandbag training as a tool or heavily emphasized form of training, I am also a naturalist in that others may want to use sandbag training as a means to improve training they are already doing. Among the great benefit to adding some sandbag training to your strongman, HIIT, or kettlebell workouts, or whatever you are focusing upon in your OCR training.

Of course, it is more than just throwing a sandbag into your routine and assuming magic will happen. Just like any extra strength training, there has to be an intention and a goal. With these three exercises will have the biggest impact on our sandbag training. The tools from our Dynamic Variable Resistance in your Training program.

Bear Hug Squat

Sandbag exercise looks so simple that many simply underestimate its powers to have huge impact in a variation of means. Most coaches and trainers are startled that when using fitting loading, that this can be such an excellent strengthening exercise for the...

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